Wow! It’s three months already since I got to this strange land; a land I’ve never stepped foot in, a land which I never really dreamed of coming to; a foreign land.

My journey was indeed a ‘journey’. For the first time I’ll actually say I embarked on a journey. Why? Because it is the longest I’ve ever embarked on in my entire life. Not like I’m a tourist, but I can say I’ve been to a few places at least (within the country). Well, it was safe anyways, thank GOD for that.

My stay here has been………., lots of words are going through my head to describe how it has been so far. However, to mention a few, it has been cool, amazing, wonderful, stressful (stress is a part of life though), annoying (sometimes) and fun.

So one major question I’ve been often asked, and I’m still been asked is ‘why didn’t you redeploy?’ Honestly, I don’t know, or maybe I do know. I really don’t know if I know, LOL. Let’s just say I wasn’t convinced to do so or I didn’t have the urge to do so. I didn’t just see a reason to do so. Also, I know GOD’s got my back, so why worry?. Asides all these, I also just wanted a feel of something new, something different. If I was to redeploy, it would have certainly been a State in the West, which is something I’m already some what accustomed to. Though I haven’t been to all Western States within the country, but there really won’t be much difference. I wanted a newness of experience, and believe me you, that has really been happening.

I’ve really had a lot to munch on, in the way of life of the people here. There’s a WHOLE LOT of difference. Now where do I start from????

Stick around for part 2, as I share some of these ‘wonderful’ experience with you……. *wink*



Oh! the bulb in my head shines so bright.
Alas! a new idea is born.
You shall grow and be seen,
As you would become a reality.
And a source for many to gain from,
So I hope and wish.
I plan your birth all day
And dream about you all night.
Days, weeks, months and years
Have passed,
But you are yet to be born.
Woe unto you,
This thing called procrastination,
For you connive with your ally, inconsistency,
And you have sent to the grave
The future of countless dreams,
And made that bright idea become so deem.

We come up with countless ideas, at different point in our lives. How wonderful and beautiful the idea looks, but only in our imagination. We think and plan everyday, yet we don’t act. We keep postponing. Even when we act, when we start actualizing these ideas, we don’t stay consistent, I’m certainly not innocent of this though.

Procrastination sets in, which births inconsistency. This therefore kills that idea that would have solved one problem or the other, served as a financial breakthrough for you or would have just been of great value and importance.

How do you overcome procastination ?

1) BE DISCILPINED: Set goals, plans, etc and discipline yourself to keep to them. Do whatever it takes. If it means you sacrificing things you love doing (which you have to) just to meet up with these set down goals, DO IT. If it means you getting someone to be accountable to, DO IT (I think this would really help). If it means you setting reminders on your phone, DO IT. Just be sure to do whatever it takes and make sure you indeed DO IT.

2) CREATE FEASIBLE TIME FOR IT: You create time for things and people you love. If you really want to achieve something, you’ll create time for it. Most times we complain about not having time to do certain things, but that’s because we haven’t really created time for it.

3) CULTIVATE NEW HABITS: Learn new habits; habits that would daily bring you closer to actualizing that idea. Get rid of habits that drains your time and energy negatively.

4) BE PASSIONATE: Your passion could drive you. It could fuel you to keep you moving, and be a great instrument to help fight against procrastination. So make sure there is a passion, and if there isn’t, create one. If it isn’t coming forth, probably that is not just you, come up with something else (your skills and talents are guidelines to help you with this). So do something you love and you’re passionate about.

5) GET STARTED: Start acting, and act fast. Don’t wait. The more you wait, the more the vision gets blur. Though lots of excuses would set in, and some might actually be valid, but remember; where there is a will, there is a way.

This has been really helpful for me. I hope it would be same for you.

So before it kills your dreams, before it puts out the shining light of that bright idea, preventing the world from seeing it, KILL IT (procrastination and inconsistency).

Letter to the church


In my time of wilderness, i need the love of God the most, when it seems like nobody can help my situation & i seem all alone , when it feels like i don’t even know the right prayer to pray, when what should get me so excited just feels normal, when eveeyone around is paying attention to their own lives & even those who take a glance at me can’t help. When it seems like all the burden is on me and there’s nothing i can also do about it, I’m weak, tired & I feel helpless but one thing keeps me going, Jesus loves me regardless, his strength is magnified in my weakness, he’s my help in my moments of helplessness, that’s my hope, Christ in me is my hope of glory. When i don’t know where to go, when I’m confused and i don’t see the light…

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At the age of 15, I planned to start learning how to drive when I clock 18. A month to my 18th birthday, I was extremely excited, WHY ? because I was going to learn how to handle the steering, athough I didn’t feel prepared for it. A strong feeling of admiration always rushed through my mind whenever I saw a woman/lady on the steering, I just imagine her to be me, but I try not to get lost in my imagination.

As much as I desired to learn how to control the steering and hit the road, there was at the same time some sort of raging fear within, which I call ‘vehophobia’

Certain factors aggravated this fear, and that over flowing joy became a stimulating fear.

BAD ROAD: The rate at which we have bumpy roads in this country is so disheartening and scary. The annoying thing is that nothing is been done about it, well not in all states though, but then in countless states all over our beloved country, hardly do you see good roads. Don’t even call the government, because that has become a resounding stale gist.

ILLITERATE DRIVERS: This is another reason; there are lots of drivers on the high way who drive without making use of road signs, not because they are blind, but because they can’t understand these signs. Sometimes I wander if at all they went to a driving school, because if they did, I’m sure they would have certainly learnt those signs. There are signs that could be understood without even been taught in a driving school, but the damage in which illiteracy has caused is so twisted. Now the question is ‘do people even go to driving schools to learn how to drive’ ?, ‘and how many proper driving schools are really available and good enough’ ?

CRAZY DRIVERS: Talk about the danfo (yellow bus or commercial bus) drivers *smh*. Some private car owners also fall into this category. They are the set of drivers that don’t give a damn on whatever happens to your car, so long as they have their way, and you dare not scratch their car, because they will argue heaven on earth with you and give 101 reasons why they are not at fault.

TANKERS & TRUCKS: Their heights alone could be really threatening, talk more of the load they carry and their length (in some cases). I just cannot imagine that landing on a car. Although there have been lots of sad news about such, which gives me lots of goose bumps when I hear them, and makes me have a rethink.

CAR BREAK DOWN: This could be extremely embarrassing. Sometimes I wish cars could talk, so they’ll tell hours or minutes before hand that they’ll break down soon, to give one time to prepare, and not get hit like bombshell. Then the next thing is that other drivers start shouting at you or insulting you, especially when you’re driving and the car just stops all of a sudden, like a you saw it coming *smh*.

ARGUMENT ON THE ROAD: I generally don’t have strength for arguments, so I try as much as possible not to get into any with anybody, but there are some that are just inevitable, I still look for the nearest available way out though. But what to do when you get involved in some sort of argument on the road, that involves your car which was hit by another car. I think I’ll just let the sleeping dogs lie, hard to believe right ?. Well like I said I don’t have that strength and thanks to our dearly beloved onlookers, who’ll use their eyes to record everything and in the process possibly steal one or two things from your vehicle if you’re not careful.

TRAFFIC: This one just makes me get excruciatingly vexed. The most annoying thing is that so many times, one doesn’t see a reason for the traffic, well thanks to the bunch of impatient humans that all wants to get to their destination, without driving with COMMON SENSE. Then you get stuck in one place for over hours, and a journey of 1hour takes you over 3-4hours. I’m sure Lagosians can relate very well. Although not only Lagos experiences traffic, but that’s one of the things Lagos is best known for.

ACCIDENT: This is the scariest of them all. We all pray for protection everyday, yet I wander if people that die in accidents on the road either didn’t pray before leaving the house or they didn’t pray hard enough (well GOD knows best). I’m certainly sure that at least if not all, but some of them prayed. This is one thing that no one sees coming, and there is usually a 50/50% chance of people involved surviving it, well, except with GOD’s intervention.

Well, I have to learn how to drive, like it’s a must. I don’t know when exactly though, but hopefully before I clock thirty *shruds shoulder*. I’ll certainly overcome these fears, well I’m doing so gradually, and I’ll drop a post on that when I do finally. So be expecting to see me in my ride soon *wink*…..

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In my stance, music is a food to the soul. It is a medicine that heals. It gladens the soul, and uplifts heavy hearts. There’s more to the sound and beat. Well, this is just my stance on what music is. Every individual has their own definition of music and is entitled to his/her opinion.

I think what we have nowadays are just nice, danceable beats and sound. Good music is way more than that. The following below are some components of music;

1. Melody

2. Harmony

3. Key

4. Metre

5. Rhythm

But do musicians really mind all these in recent times ?, I doubt. Nevertheless,I give a kudos to every artiste, whether or not they incorporate the things listed above in their song(s); for giving individuals a reason to have fun, for the entertainment, and for the inspiration (some songs).

Although, I think our music needs a new language

A language with a message
A message with the courage
To enrich our heritage
Building the values of the new age.
A message that breaks the bondage
Of hate, corruption, disunity and rage.

Dear upcoming artiste, please sing wisely, pass across good vibes and positive messages amidst the fun.

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Hello awesome readers, I sincerely apologise for keeping you all on hold for the past two weeks. It was due to unavoidable circumstances, not inconsistency, no worries *wink*.
So have you heard of the red lake?, not the red sea. Well, ever since I got to know about this strange beautiful lake, I have been so eager to share it.

First off, let’s check out the location of this lake. It is located in northernTanzania (Arusha region), Africa. Lake Natron originated its name from the chemical called ‘natron’ which is the mixture of chemicals that contain hydrated sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. It has the ph level of 10.5 which burns the skin and eyes of animals that are not adaptable to its environment. Despite its harsh nature, flamingos are adaptable to its environment, as they build their nests from the small islands which are developed on the lake during the breeding seasons in Africa. Also, they get their source of food from the microorganisms and algae.

Amazingly, this lake has different colours; blue, green algae with red pigments (spirulina). In photographs, it has gorgeous colours of pink, bright red and orange.

The shocking feature it has is its ability to turn animals to stones. It calcifies animals. This is no magic though, but is as a result of the high level of alkaline ph and salt present in the water. This automatically kills the animal when it touches the water yet making it look like a statue, leaving every part of the body untouched. Despite its horrifying nature, it is still considered a good tourist attraction.

Images taken by Nick Brandt, a photographer (2013).

A calcified Buffalo

A calcified Swallow

A calcified Flamingo

How fascinating it was, finding out that this dangerous lake used to be an essential freshwater and people inhabited its land 5000-6000 years ago. WOW!!!

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Football and games are things I think have been generally infused into the DNA of all male human specie. So you either find the love of the two or the love of one out of the two in every male, my honest opinion though.

The way guys watch football can be sooo dramatic, that they even grasp my attention and not the football itself. A perfect example of this which I vividly remember is when Nigeria played against Argentina on Tuesday 26th June; my dad was praying WHOLE HEARTEDLY for the Super Eagles, while lying on the floor, when Victor Moses was about to play the penalty. I just paused for a minute and wandered if it was more than football. It was actually so hilarious, but I couldn’t laugh.

Speaking of the world cup, it has some what ignited my interest for football. Watching it this year has been really fun. It feels like I’m a part of the game, like I feel their wins and loses. I guess that is how guys do feel as well, that is why they get so emotional about it, which makes them rain curses on the innocent players when they accidentally miss a goal or they make unavoidable mistakes. It is so tension filled, that you feel the whole adrenaline rushing through your veins.

Trust me, I’ve learned a whole lot from the game, like; teamwork (it is very key), the ability to stand tall despite your loss, the ability to congratulate each other at the end of every match, the ability not to see the opponent as an enemy, and so on. I personally view football as an examination, where you get the result immediately. These players really do deserve lots of accolade, whether or not they score a goal in a match. They deserve to be celebrated for the energy they put in the game, as well as the injuries they sustain.

Although, there are lots of terminologies used in football that I still find quite difficult to comprehend. Some terminologies in the glossary of football are; terrace, wing, penalty, corner kick, cross, own goal, offside, foul, playoff, red card, captain, striker, marking, kickoff, yellow card, dribble, midfielder, minnow, pass, tackle, overlap, league, e.t.c.

I really do love the theme song of World Cup 2018, it sounds like the waves of the sea *wink*. I really felt it when Nigeria got evicted from the World Cup *sobbing*. It is gradually coming to and end, with its bundle of surprises. By Saturday 14th July, we will know who will come in third place; Belgium or England. While on Sunday 15th July, we will find out who will emerge as the winner; France or Croatia.

P.S: Ladies, I think watching football matches is actually fun, let’s try it out often. A little advice as well, never serve your man, brother, husband or male friend food/drink when he is about to watch or already watching a match, LOL.

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